Extract predictable, structured data from any URL

PageMunch allows you to unfurl any url into JSON data with a single API request.

By Developers, For Developers

A simple but powerful API that will save hundreds of hours of engineering time.

    "original_url": "http://bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38309834",
    "url": "http://bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38309834",
    "accessed_at": "2016-12-22T11:10:09.783Z",
    "type": "website",
    "title": "Google creates new self-driving car company - BBC News",
    "description": "Google is putting its self-driving car technology into a new company which it will call Waymo.",
    "provider_name": "BBC News",
    "provider_url": "http://bbc.co.uk",
    "provider_display": "bbc.co.uk",
    "published_at": "2016-12-13T19:22:19.000Z",
    "language": "en-GB",
    "images": [
        "thumbnail_url": "http://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/1024/cpsprodpb/412D/production/_92958661_whatsubject.jpg",
        "height": 576,
        "width": 1024,
        "type": "jpg"
    "entities": [
        "type": "organization",
        "name": "Waymo",
        "count": 1
        "type": "organization",
        "name": "Google",
        "count": 7

Features & Use Cases

A couple of things PageMunch can help with.

Rich Previews

Unfurl the links your users post into rich previews using PageMunch's data to display a thumbnail, title, description and other data. PageMunch supports parsing all the major embed formats.

Image Extraction

Pick out the best images on a webpage with their sizes, file type and aspect ratio to make displaying them in your application a breeze.

Link Analysis

Easily extract entities and keywords from links to better understand that type of content that you users are sharing. This makes it easy to offer relevant advertising, related articles or suggestions.

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